Another unique feature at Beaver Creek Nursery is our 3 acres of display gardens. Here you can roam freely through the gardens (wear comfortable shoes), or just sit, relax and experience nature. The gardens change so drastically with the seasons. Whether it’s the winter colors of the Lenten Roses and Witchhazels or mottled bark of the Stewartia, the beautiful spring colors of the Native Azaleas, the summer blues of the Hydrangeas to the watercolor palette of fall, each season holds something magical.  We guarantee there’s always something interesting and wonderful to see.

For over the last thirty five years, our gardens were not only utilized to showcase our plants.  It’s been used as a testing site to evaluate new plants for hardiness, growing conditions, disease and pest resistance.  By doing this you can be assured that your plants will be well suited for success.

For our landscape customers, our display gardens will give you the opportunity to visualize your landscape in a mature setting.  Let’s face it, anyone can say something grows fifty feet tall.  The difference between them and us…we can actually show you.  Our main concern is that it is done right the first time!

Magnus Coneflower
Summer Storm Crested Iris
Gardens in Late Summer
Butterfly on Joe Pye Weed
Grey Owl Juniper
Garden Entrance
Fall Gardens
Garden Entrance awaiting Springs Arrival
Honorine Jobert Japanese Anemone
Jindai Tatarian Aster
Display Gardens in early Fall
Azure Monkshood
Pardon Me Daylily
Ashton's Ballet Camellia
Red Sprite Winterberry Holly
Lindera benzion-Fall
Arborvitae Fern Fall Color
Cinnamon Snow Lenten Rose
Nana Tickseed and May Night Salvia
Monarch on Joe Pye Weed